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Latest Events & News

  • VerticalCurve launched the 3.0 web site.

    May 22, 2014

VerticalCurve, an independent web technologies and integration firm, announced today the launch of the 3.0 web site. The site is designed in direct response to the needs of VerticalCurve's clients, offering a better glimpse into the services and products they offer. VerticalCurve Principal Mike Buckovich says; "Fresh graphic approach, less copy, improved navigation…we'll keep developing on this platform for some time now. Giving current and prospective clients a better user experience."

The site was constructed and built on our own robust platform, utilizing the many talents among the staff at VerticalCurve. Look for more features to be added in the soon.



  • VerticalCurve celebrates 4th year as an Adobe Developer Partner

    February 10, 2014

As a developer partner of the Adobe Solution Partner Program, VerticalCurve provides technology solutions and services based on various Adobe technologies. This partnership allows VerticalCurve to stay on top of emerging applications and resources, defining and integrating rich applications with Adobe technologies well before public release. This insight and ability to work with technologies in pre-release stages allows VerticalCurve to respond to their clients' needs at a rapid pace.


  • VerticalCurve selected by FutureThink as technology partner

    October 9, 2013

FutureThink, a leading innovation research and training firm, has partnered with VerticalCurve to enhance their innovation and public facing platforms. FutureThink has the world's largest catalog of innovation and research tools. Case Studies, Innovator Interviews, Futurist Reports, White Papers, Snapshots, Essential and Advanced Guides, Program and Skill Building Tools and Resource Lists are a small portion of the products and services available online.





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