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communicationCURVE - Web Platforms and Channel Development

Web Sites, Portals, Mobile Content, Content Management Systems - Implementing the right solution into your workflow will eliminate the need for additional or redundant resources. VerticalCurve develops effective platforms that allow instant access to your information and innovative ways to publish content across multiple platforms and systems.


communicationCURVE Services

  • Web Platform Analysis
  • Web Platform Development: Sites, eCommerce, Content Management Systems, Portals
  • Portal Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy Development & Execution
  • Search Engine Strategy Development, Organic Optimization recommendations, PPC Program Development


Working with a large mortgage services institution necessitates corporate consensus. This company had one web domain, three audiences, and three internal divisions, but lacked POV agreement on business objectives and how their primary domain should look and feel. They called several systems integration companies – big design firms – and said, 'Hey, we need a web re-design.' Download Info

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